You might think it’s perfectly clear to everybody why we need summer holidays. Well, it isn’t. There are people who think it’s a waste of time. We hope you all want to have your holidays. Here are some scientific arguments why they’re good for you.

To Take a Break
You might like going to school. You might even love it. Still, we all need a break sometimes. Summer is a perfect time to take a rest and have fun. When we take a holiday, we relax and get new ideas. Our minds relax too and when school begins again, we have much more energy to study.

To Spend Time With Family and Friends
We are so busy during the school year that we don’t have time enough just to hang out with friends or chat with our brothers and sisters. We can also travel to other towns to visit grandparents. Family holidays are fun when you’re with your cousins.

To Be Healthy
In summer we have more time to get outdoors, ride a bike, or go swimming. We get our dose of vitamins C and D when we go out and eat fresh fruit. We do sports so we keep fit.

P.S.: You can get all benefits from any holiday – at the seaside, in the mountains, or at home.

What other reasons are there? Discuss in class.

Jana Chrtianska