In total Ian Fleming wrote twelve novels and two short story collections. Such was the success of the books that after Fleming’s death in 1964 other authors were invited to write Bond novels.

Fleming based his Bond character on secret service agents and commando people he met during his time in the Royal Navy Intelligence Division during the Second World War. Bond also shares many of the hobbies and tastes that Fleming enjoyed.

The Bond stories have been produced into films which have enjoyed world-wide success. ‘Dr No’ starring Sean Connery as Bond was the first film, released in 1962, and to date there have been twenty-five films released.

No Time to Die is a fictional story featuring Daniel Craig as the British MI6 agent James Bond, code number 007.  It is Craig’s fifth and final film starring as James Bond.

In the film Bond has retired from active service and has already enjoyed five years of a new life on the island of Jamaica.  However those in power have not forgotten him and he is recruited by the CIA to rescue a kidnapped scientist. I do not want to spoil the plot for you if you have not yet seen the film.  As you can imagine there is the usual drama, suspense, and car chases, especially featuring Bond’s wonderful car.

The world of spying has changed over the years and this is reflected in the film. Just think of how alleged Russian agents poisoned people in the UK a couple of years ago.

The main parts of the film were shot in the Pinewood Studios just outside London, but there are scenes from other locations in Italy, Jamaica, Norway, the Faroe Islands and London itself.

Who will you go and see the movie with?

Pete Miller


foto: Forum Film Slovakia