Best Wihes

There are numerous occasions on which people wish each other well. The tradition of sending cards and wishes has never disappeared although there are various modern ways of sending them. If you ever wonder for what occasion to write a card and what to write on it, we have some good tips for you!

  Well, there’s another occasion we do not celebrate, but in North America it is a great opportunity to meet other people or, at least let them know that you like them and wish them all the best.
  Unlike Halloween or St Valentine’s Day, which have already been imported to our country and are finding their place among other traditions, Thanksgiving Day is very different; although we have a lot of things to be grateful for as well!
  Complete the text about the holiday with the words from the word box below.
turkey, harvest, Monday, Thursday, cranberry, national, settlers, ceremonies
  The tradition of Thanksgiving is rooted in American history and the first  01           in the 17th century. It is believed that they celebrated the first plentiful1  02             in the new land. However, the tradition can be traced even further back in history. Today, Thanksgiving is a  03           holiday celebrated on the second  04          of October in Canada and on the fourth  05            of November in the United States. There are various  06            but it is also a good opportunity for families to meet. The traditional meals include a roasted  07             and      08             sauce.

   There are a lot of nice things people write to each other on this occasion. Go through the following and choose the lines you like best:

a) May this Thanksgiving be full of joy and peace for you and all those you love.
b) It’s time for counting all the blessings2. One of my greatest blessings is having a wonderful friend like you!
c) You know what’s the best part of life? It’s that at every point in time God always gives us a reason to be thankful. May you always be  blessed!
d) Thanksgiving Day comes by statute once a year; to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude3 will allow.

Well, Thanksgiving is not the only occasion to talk about this month. All Souls’ Day is probably a holiday we are more familiar with.
On this day, usually November 2, people typically remember their deceased4 relatives and friends. In the past, there were various rituals and traditions we do not keep any more, such as sharing special “soul cakes” with the poor. On the other hand, lighting candles and family gatherings are still very popular. It is a solemn5 and sometimes painful time especially for those who lost their loved ones not long before the event.
Although we do not send cards and wishes on this particular occasion, there are wishes and nice words that can be shared when someone dies. The following lines are a good example of that:
a) Sincerest sympathy6 for you and your family during this difficult time…
b) My prayers and well wishes are with you during this time of grief. Take care.
c) A great soul has departed, but the memories shall never fade. Your loss is huge and I can only share your pain.
d) Keep faith and courage. I am sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences.

Look at the following cards. Can you explain the symbols used on them?



Miroslava Dubanová

Key: 1 settlers, 2 harvest, 3 national, 4 Monday, 5 Thursday, 6 ceremonies, 7 turkey, 8 cranberry

VOCABULARY: 1 hojný, bohatý, 2 požehnanie – požehnání, 3 vďačnosť – vděčnost, 4 zosnulý – zesnulý, 5 vážny – vážný, 6 sústrasť – soustrast