One of the most well known music festivals in the UK is the EDINBURGH  FESTIVAL, held in August. It dates from 1947 and is mainly a celebration of the performing arts, with live concerts, plays, ballets, operas and other shows.   

THE ROYAL NATIONAL EISTEDDFORD, also held in August, has a much older tradition. It was revived in the 19th century. It began as a medieval gathering of poets and minstrels1 attended by people from all over Wales. It also helps to keep the Welsh language alive as it celebrates Welsh arts and culture.

LONDON’S NOTTING HILL CARNIVAL, a fairly new event, is held over the August bank holiday weekend. It features a fantastic colourful procession. The performers wear elaborate and extravagant costumes and are accompanied by the music of many steel bands. Dating from the mid 1960s it is a celebration of Afro-Caribbean culture and traditions. 

Popular music fans love the GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL. It has its own special atmosphere and is the largest festival in Britain. It is like a big pseudo-hippy town as the visitors camp on site. The British weather occasionally plays havoc2 with this festival, and two ‘must takes’ are a good waterproof outfit and a pair of Wellington boots3.       

If it is opera you are interested in then the GLYNDEBOURNE FESTIVAL is for you. The festival began in May 1934. The owner of the estate at Glyndebourne felt that opera was not well known in England. He was married to a professional singer, and together they had built a theatre for the performances. The festival runs from the end of May until August.    

Classical music fans will be interested in THE PROMS, more formally known as The BBC Proms, or The Henry Wood Promenade Concerts. Presented by the BBC, it is an eight-week summer season of daily orchestral classical music concerts, mainly held in the Royal Albert Hall in South Kensington London. They were founded in 1895, and each season consists of nearly 100 concerts.

There are other festivals throughout the year; this is just a sample of some of the bigger festivals.

Pete Miller

1 stredoveký spevák a básnik – středověký zpěvák a básník;
2 pohroma;
3 gumené čižmy – gumové holinky