Captain Marvel

The world of superheroes is constantly growing. This month the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to release its twenty-first film. However, this time it is going to be unique. The superhero is in fact a superheroine for the first time.

What will happen when an elite US Air Force pilot has her DNA accidently transformed by a powerful alien force? She will become Carol Danvers alias Captain Marvel of course!

She is extremely strong, aggressive and quick-tempered4. She can project energy and fly. On the other hand, she is fragile and emotional inside. She believes in duty and justice.

Brie Larson was 26 when he was cast for the role. She trained for nine months to learn judo, boxing and wrestling. She also met some active duty airmen to prepare for the role. The screenwriter Nicole Perlman also did her job and consulted Captain Marvel’s young age with some Air Force authorities who confirmed that in some cases it is possible to become a skilled airman in the person’s late twenties and early thirties. At least this much is possible in reality…     

So, is there a conflict between humanity and superpower? Watch the film and find out!

Miroslava Dubanová

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