Commemorating 9/11 - One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center is a new landmark adorning the characteristic skyline of New York’s Lower Manhattan. Its height, 1,776 feet, (165 metres) is a symbolic reference to the year the United States declared independence from the British Empire on July 4, 1776. Filling the void1 of the Twin Towers, it is also a symbol of the future and hope, and the unyielding2 spirit of America.

One World Trade Center is the tallest skyscraper in New York comprising 104 stories. It was designed by architect David Childs.

The architectural design of One WTC is characterized by simplicity and clarity of form. The tower rises from a 186-foot podium (almost 57 metres). Above the podium, the tower’s square edges are chamfered3 back, transforming the square into eight tall isosceles4 triangles. At its middle, the tower forms an equilateral octagon5 in plan and then culminates in a stainless-steel parapet whose plan is a square, rotated 45 degrees from the base.

Safety was one of the primary architectural priorities in the design of One World Trade Center. Environmental concerns such as minimizing waste and pollution, conserving water, and improving air quality, were also vital factors.

Clear glass windows offer breath-taking views of the panorama of New York City. There are three observation floors (on floors 100,101, and102).
Accessibility within One WTC was also a critical part of its design. There are 71 elevators and 11 escalators connecting visitors to the lobby, retail6 area, and observation deck.

The One WTC skyscraper was designed to be the safest commercial structure in the world. Almost 70% of its space houses businesses.
In 2003, the architectural firm Studio, headed by Polish-born Daniel Libeskind, was selected to develop the master plan and concept of the WTC site.
In 2003, the design concept for One WTC was unveiled7.
In 2004, the final design of the WTC Memorial and Museum was unveiled.
In 2006, construction on One WTC officially began, as well as preliminary construction on the WTC Memorial.
In 2006, Seven WTC, a skyscraper that is part of the World Trade Center complex, opened. And the first steel columns for One WTC were placed.
In 2009, slurry8 wall panels along West Street were excavated and a reinforcing steel cage was placed inside the slurry wall.
In 2010, construction of One WTC reached the 52nd floor. The speed of construction was one floor per week.
On September 11, 2011, the Memorial Plaza at the National September 11th Memorial opened for the first time during a ceremony at the World Trade Center site.
In April 2012, One WTC surpassed the Empire State Building and reclaimed the title of the tallest structure in New York.
On May 10, 2013, One WTC became the tallest building in the western hemisphere and third tallest in the world.
In November 2013, 4WTC opened as the first tower completed on the WTC site.
The following year, One WTC officially opened.
In May 2015, One World Observatory opened to the general public.

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Janka Něničková

VOCABULARY: 1 prázdnota; 2 neoblomný; 3 skosený – zkosený; 4 rovnoramenný; 5 rovnostranný osemuholník – osmiúhelník; 6 maloobchodný – maloobchodní; 7 odhalený; 8 panelové steny z riedkej malty – panelové zdi z řídké malty