Teacher’s Day is coming. Let’s read about six book and film teachers all kids and teens know.


A perfect teacher is what all students dream about. Read about three teachers we love in the films.


Miss Honey, Matilda

Miss Honey is kind, friendly and kids love her. She loves them, too, and does her best to teach them and protect them from the horrible headteacher2 Miss Trunchbull. Miss Honey is like a mother to Matilda and adopts her in the end.


Albus Dumbledoore, Harry Potter series

Albus Dumbledoore is the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft3 and Wizardry where Harry is studying. He is a great wizard4, fair and brave. His students will always find help with Dumbledoore.


Dewey Finn, School of Rock

He’s a lazy unsuccessful5 rocker and comes to teach math at a very prominent6 elementary school. Dewey’s no teacher and teaches the kids to play rock instead. How would you like to learn about the history of rock for homework?



There are teachers in films none of us would like to have. Miss Trunchbull in Matilda hates children and punishes8 them in horrible ways. She rules her school with terror.

Professor Snape in Harry Potter series teaches Potions. He’s a powerful wizard who hates Harry and his friends. He bullies Harry and even uses dark magic. The same films bring Professor Umbridge whom everybody hates. She is very cruel and turns to the dark side.



Who is a perfect teacher for you? Brainstorm his/ her qualities.


Vocabulary: 1[ˈfikšənəl] – fiktívny/ fiktivní; 2[ˌhedˈtiːčə] – riaditeľ, riaditeľka/ ředitel, ředitelka; 3[ˈwičkraːft] – čarodejníctvo/ čarodějnictví; 4[ˈwizəd] – čarodejník/ čaroděj; 5[ˌansəkˈsesfəl] – neúspešný/ neúspěšný; 6[ˈprominənt] – významný/ přední; 7[ˈnaitmeəs] – nočné mory/ noční můry; 8[ˈpanišis] – trestá