Each year in February we see the celebration of the best film, television and music at various awards1 events2. These events include the BAFTAS, Grammys and Brits awards ceremonies. The BAFTAS and the BRITS are British organizations. The BAFTAS celebrate the best of British and international film and television each year, while the BRITS celebrate achievement3 in music. The Grammys are also awards for music, but held in the United States. The Academy Awards are called the Oscars and they celebrate the best films.

 The BAFTAS film awards ceremony takes place at the Royal Opera House in London. It is a glamorous4 and spectacular event attended5 by actors, directors, producers, and members of the BAFTA academy. Spectators can watch the stars arriving on the red carpet.

 The people who decide which are the best films are members of BAFTA. There are about 6500 members who are professionals in the film, video and television industries. There is also one award which anybody can vote for, and it is the ‘Rising Star6 Award’. This award is given to a young actor or actress who has shown a lot of talent.

  The BAFTAS help to support7 the UK film industry. There are many famous film studios in Britain. Some examples are the Pinewood Studios, where the James Bond and Superman films were made, and the Warner Brothers Studio where the Harry Potter films were made. You can find out more about the BAFTAS here http://www.bafta.org/

Is it true or false?

  1. The BAFTAS, BRITS and GRAMMY awards are all held in February.
  2. The BAFTAS and BRITS celebrate achievement in the music industry.
  3. Anybody can vote for their favourite films and actors at the BAFTA film awards.
  4. The members of BAFTA work in the film, video and television businesses.
  5. The Rising Star Award is for a young talented musician.
  6. Harry Potter, Superman and James Bond movies were all filmed in the UK.

Vicky Collins

Vocabulary: 1[əˈwoːds] – ceny; 2[iˈvents] – udalosti/ události; 3[əˈčiːvmənt] – úspech/ úspěch; 4[ˈɡlamərəs] – atraktívny/ okouzlující; 5[əˈtendid] – navštevovaný/ navštěvovaný; 6[ˈraiziŋ sta:] – vychádzajúca hviezda/ vycházející hvězda; 7[səˈpoːt] – podporovať/ podporovat

Key: 1T, 2F, 3F, 4T, 5F, 6T