Food Day

16 October is World Food Day so let’s talk about food and food waste. What is it? It’s food we throw away. Did you know that people throw away one third of all food? For example, you buy three cakes and throw one away .
Why do we throw away food?

Perfect Only, Please
Look at these two pictures. Which carrots would you buy in the shop – a) or b)? Explain why.

a)                                                                                                                    b)

Food Waste_aFood Waste_b






Most supermarkets and shops sell only perfect food. All tomatoes must be the same size and colour. Bananas must be perfect and yellow. What do they do with vegetables and fruits which are not perfect? They usually throw them away. But carrots a) taste as well as carrots b).

Discuss: Why do you think supermarkets sell only perfect foods?

Cool Fact: Tesco has started to sell vegetables and fruits which are not perfect – too small or big. They also give the food they don’t sell to hungry people. Some British supermarkets give it to schools for children who can’t buy their lunches.


Fridge or New Meal

Food Waste_c

Sometimes people buy too much and don’t eat it all. Of course, we can throw it away. But we can also put it into the fridge. We can also make a new meal from it. YouTube is full of hacks like that.

Why Should We Care?
1. Nature. Of course, all waste is bad for nature. It’s better to buy less and eat it all than buy more and throw it away.

2. People. Read the following numbers and you’ll understand.
• Over 820 million people are hungry.
• A child dies of hunger every 10 seconds.
• About  million people die of hunger every year.Food Waste_d
It’s clear now, right?

• Some schools in our country help collect food for hungry people. Why don’t you, too?
• What else could you do together to save food?

Jana Chrtianska