Halloween is becoming popular in our country, too. How much do you know about this holiday?

What is Halloween?

The legend of Halloween includes witches and ghosts1 that come out on this frightful night. The last day of October is a very exciting2 time for children in the USA. They wear scary3 costumes, knock on their neighbours’ door and say, ‘Trick or Treat.’4 If the neighbours say ‘Trick’, the children play a trick. But the neighbours usually don’t say anything, and give them a ‘Treat’.
Halloween is celebrated on the evening before All Saints’ Day5 – a Christian holiday that celebrates all the saints.

On Halloween, many people cut funny faces in pumpkins and sometimes put candles6 inside to make the pumpkins glow. School classrooms are decorated and some families also decorate their homes and gardens, too. In the USA, pumpkin faces are called Jack O’Lanterns. The story of Jack O’Lantern is Irish. It is about a man who died and could not find peace7. He had to walk through the night with only a candle in a pumpkin to show him the way.

Do people party on Halloween?
Of course! Teenagers often have parties on Halloween. This comes from the tradition of people in towns and villages meeting up on Halloween.

  • Do you celebrate Halloween?
  • How do you celebrate?
  • Do you celebrate other holidays in November?

Correct the statements.
1. Halloween is celebrated in November.
2. Children get pumpkins from their neighbours on Halloween night.
3. Jack O’Lanterns are made from carrots.
4. There are sweets in the pumpkins.
5. Kids and teens wear funny costumes on Halloween.

1[gəusts] – duchovia/ duchové; 2[ik’saitiŋ] – napínavý; 3[‚skeːri] – strašidelný; 4[trik oːtriːt] – žartík alebo sladkosť/ žert nebo sladkost; 5[ˌoːlˈseints dei]– Deň Všetkých svätých/ svátek Všech svatých; 6[‚kandlz] – sviečky/ svíčky; 7[piːs] – pokoj

Correct answers
1. Halloween is celebrated in October. 2. Children get sweets from their neighbours on Halloween night. 3. Jack O’Lanterns are made from pumpkins. 4. There are candles in the pumpkins. 5. Kids and teens wear scary costumes on Halloween.