HELLO! číslo 9-10

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens (.mp3)
Inspiring People (.mp3)
New Olympics Trends (.mp3)
Science and Technology (.mp3)
Teen Sport Stars (.mp3)

HELLO! číslo 8

1 Travel Trends for 2020 (.mp3)
2 How Our Earth Has Changed in the Last 10 Years (.mp3)
3 Ireland (.mp3)

HELLO! číslo 7

1 Shortcuts (.mp3)
2 Welcome to Cornwall, the Land of Myths and Legends (.mp3)

HELLO! číslo 6

1 Michelle Obama (.mp3)
2 Happy Birthday You Tube (.mp3)
3 Famous Filming Locations (.mp3)

HELLO! číslo 4-5

1 Topic Employment page 6.mp3 (.mp3)
2 Topic Employment-page 7.mp3 (.mp3)
3 Go Green.mp3 (.mp3)
4 Let’sTalk About Sugar and Teeth.mp3 (.mp3)
5 How to Record Memories.mp3 (.mp3)
6 New Zealand.mp3 (.mp3)
7 British vs American Icons.mp3 (.mp3)
8 Sharlum-the-Christmas Donkey.mp3 (.mp3)
9 The London Animal Hospital.mp3 (.mp3)
10 Animal Posters.mp3 (.mp3)
11 Christmas Around the World.mp3 (.mp3)
12 Welcome to Puzzling World.mp3 (.mp3)
13 What Do I Need at Work.mp3 (.mp3)
14 Let’s Have a Party.mp3 (.mp3)
15 Let´s talk about jobs.mp3 (.mp3)

HELLO! číslo 3

1. Legendary Monsters (.mp3)
2. Places That Will Scare You (.mp3)
3. Greta Thunberg (.mp3)
4. It´s Harvest Time (.mp3)

HELLO! číslo 1-2

Britain’s Secret.mp3 (.mp3)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.mp3 (.mp3)
South Africa.mp3 (.mp3)