I think it’s a great idea to start a new year with a new hobby. A hobby is an activity you do for pleasure. You can do sports, crafts, read, or have a pet… Anything that you like doing. This month is a good opportunity to do your hobbies more often. How can you celebrate it? Try a new hobby you’ve never done before. Talk about hobbies in your family/class. What do other people like doing? What have they never tried? What would they like to try? You can take a creative course. Boys can try airplane models or LEGO. I’ve seen a whole town made of LEGO. Wow! Girls can paint their own T-shirts or try some jewellery. And any time is good for your going out on your bike or inline skates. How about trying a class hobby?
Discuss: Which of the following do you like doing / would like to try / would never try?
bungee jumping, knitting, skiing, walking the dog, hiking, reading, playing PC games, watching TV, playing ice hockey

National Puzzle Day
If you are a puzzle maniac, January 29th is your day. Most puzzle fans celebrate National Puzzle Day. Millions of people love to test their ingenuity, learn new words, or keep their mind sharp. There are thousands of puzzle types. Which is your most favourite?

January has the saddest and the happiest days in the year.
Well, so they say…

Blue Monday is usually the third Monday in January. It is called ‘the bluest day of the year’. Why is it so? Mondays are not popular, because people have to go to school or work after the weekend. Now Christmas is over, it’s cold, we spent too much money for the holidays, and we ate too much during Christmas. People feel blue.

National Hugging Day – 21 January. This day is just the opposite. It’s the most positive day of the year. The only thing you have to do is to hug someone. It can be your sister, brother, friend, or a stranger. But better ask them first! Hugging helps reduce stress and makes people happy.