Easter’s coming and that can mean only one thing: SPRING is here! However, a lot of people say they feel weak and tired and almost depressed. This condition prevents1 them from enjoying the warm sunny days the way they probably should. Don’t let this happen to you! There are some things you can do to change it.

Winter is the time we don’t eat as many fresh vegetables and fruit as we do during the other seasons. Our body needs vitamins and minerals to function well. Avoid2 heavy and fatty meals and try some light ones. Make sure you eat and drink healthy stuff during these days.

Lazy winter days are over. The weather seems to be nicer and the days are longer. No more excuses3 for being passive then! Ride your bike instead of using public transport. Refuse if Mum wants to give you a lift for a short distance and walk instead. It is only natural that our bodies produce some extra fat during the winter. Hey, it’s spring now and your bodies should be aware4 of that!

Did you meet your friends indoors in the winter? Well, yes, it was cold and dark outside! But now it’s time to change it. Go out. Spend as much time outdoors as you can and have fun. Fresh air and sunshine will do you good. You will feel more positive and have renewed enthusiasm5 for life.

What does your bedroom look like? Dark and dusty and full of unnecessary stuff? Well, make some changes indoors too! Clean your room, pull back the curtains, and open the windows! Clean rooms full of light can work miracles!

Long and warm spring days give you thousands of opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest. Do some planning so that you have something to look forward to. Involve family members and friends and socialize more. Now you can await6 some new energy and positive feelings.



Have you ever felt depressed in the spring or in another season? Can you explain why or why not?
How does your every day routine change in the spring? Is spring your favourite season?

a) Going out more will prevent you …………… feeling depressed.
b) What excuse do you have …………… not meeting friends?
c) Why do you stay in instead …………… going out more?
d) You are not probably aware …………… all the risks.
e) What do you usually do …………… the winter?
f) Are you looking …………… ……….. Easter? 

Miroslava Dubanová

VOCABULARY: 1 brániť – bránit; 2 vyhýbať sa – vyhýbat se; 3 výhovorky – výmluvy; 4 byť si vedomý – být si vědom; 5 nadšenie – nadšení; 6 očakávať – očekávat


Key: a) from, b) for, c) of, d) of, e) in,f) for