How to become a keen reader

You’ve certainly seen the older generation shake their heads and say with sadness or disgust1 “Young people don’t read….” Well, it seems that good old books can’t beat the cool modern technologies. However, it is always a good idea to want to be one of those who can’t imagine their lives without a printed miracle called a book. Here are some good tips for the beginners.

  1. Consider the benefits2. Reading doesn’t just bring pleasure. It helps in other more practical ways too: your vocabulary is boosted3, which means you can express your ideas more precisely; your spelling improves because you remember what the words look like, and through reading, you get some useful knowledge too.
  2. Find your genre. If you don’t like to read, you can try reading books like the types of films you like: are you keen on adventure, fantasy, romance, history or crime? It is more likely you will enjoy the same kind of books as well. Choosing the right genre is important; otherwise4, your reading experience could be ruined.
  3. Find the book. Don’t expect to read Dostoyevsky right away! How about coming back to your favourite film or series? A lot of them are based on books. Try familiar stories, and you’ll be surprised by the new dimensions the book adds! Or you might try some short stories instead.
  4. Make it a habit. Reading is a very private thing. It’s not a good idea to start reading if you’re in a hurry, busy, or not alone. Make it a ritual: in the evening, after school, in bed, in the bath, in the bathroom… wherever and whenever you feel relaxed and won’t be disturbed5 for some time (well, be careful about the toilet then).
  5. Find the source. Buying books makes the hobby too expensive. How about looking around your home first? There are some real treasures hidden on living-room shelves! Then there are your bookworm6 friends who can lend you some stuff. And I’m sure there is a local library too.
    Whatever your motivation is, don’t give up! There’s magic within pages!


Now it is your turn!

Use the text as well as your own ideas to complete the chart and answer the questions below.

  •  Are there more advantages or disadvantages in your chart?
  • Does the chart say anything about you as a reader?
  • What is your motivation to read?
  • If you are a keen reader, when and how did your passion begin? If you don’t like reading, do you think you should change your attitude? Explain.


Miroslava Dubanová

VOCABULARY: 1 znechutenie – znechucení; 2 prínos – přínos; 3 narásť – zesílit; 4 inak – jinak; 5 vyrušený; 6 knihomoľ – knihomol