Human relationships exist everywhere from our everyday lives to our dreams at night. Relationships can work very effortlessly or often become extremely complicated. Relationships are connections between persons. We share relationships with our family, friends, classmates and later colleagues at work. Relationships can be personal, impersonal, close or distant. A personal relationship is a relationship on your own personal time. An impersonal relationship would be a relationship with the public. A close relationship would be someone who lives close to you or a family member. A distant relationship would be a relationship you share with someone who you know who lives far away from you, and you can only talk to them on the phone or through the Internet.
At birth, we experience our first relationship with our mother. As we grow up, we have a whole web of relationships. In human life, relationships are very important for human survival and development.
Personal relationships can sometimes be very unstable. It is enough to say something wrong and a good relationship can be changed to an unfriendly one. On the other hand, it is enough to say a few nice words, and we can find our friends again. This type of relation is typical especially of children.
At first they are friends and in few minutes they can be the biggest enemies ever.
Adult relationships are different and more difficult. If somebody says or does something wrong, the other person can get hurt. It is not so easy to be friends again. People don´t want to talk to each other; they don´t want to listen to each other. They are too obstinate; they don´t want to hear an excuse. The friendship is destroyed. The way we interact with other people is also influenced by our family background, the way we were brought up, education and social status. Common acts of courtesy are regarded as normal in everyday lives. There are several different types of respect and common courtesy, e.g., the way you treat yourself and the way that you treat others; good manners, showing appreciation, holding the door open for someone, etc. However common courtesy today has ceased with many people. But the true is that nowadays hardly anyone shows these simple gestures to anyone. On rare occasions, you will find a sincere individual who sends out a warm “thanks” or “I’m sorry”. Showing proper courtesy to others helps establish trust and friendship. In conclusion, relationships are very important. Without human relationships a person can’t go through life. A person needs to communicate with someone. According to the Bible, the only reason God created Eve for Adam is because Adam was lonely. Loneliness can kill a person. And these are the reasons why relationships are important.

 Answer the questions:

  1. What values do you admire most in people?
  2. Describe an ideal friendship.
  3. How do relationships change as people get older?
  4. Do you find it easy to accept or give an apology?

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