What do you do when you have a headache? Most people take an aspirin. It’s a famous pain killer. In the past, people used willow bark. Later they learned how to use the chemical in it, and that’s how aspirin was born. It also helps with heart attacks. But that is not all. Aspirin paste cleans your hair, skin, clothes, and your jewelry. It eases insect bites and sunburn. An aspirin in a vase keeps flowers fresh longer.



Do you know the Walt Disney film Pocahontas? It’s the story of a Native American girl who became friends with white people. Pocahontas was a real person who lived in the woods of Virginia. She really helped the white people. She married John Rolfe and went to England. Pocahontas met the English king James I and was very popular. She never came back home. Pocahontas got ill and died in March 1617 in Gravesend near London.



On 9 March 1842, Francisco Lopez was resting under a tree in California and suddenly found gold. Some years later, more gold was found. More than half a million people rushed to California to look for gold; some got rich and some didn’t. Gold worth billions of dollars was found. New cities were built, and California became a US state.



Many people are ill in autumn and winter, and some must take antibiotics. The first antibiotic was penicillin. It was discovered by Sir Alexander Fleming. Penicillin is a kind of mould that kills bacteria. It was first used successfully on 14 March 1942. Today there are many types of antibiotics which save people’s lives.



On 30 March 1867 the USA bought Alaska from Russia for about $7.2 million. Alaska is now the largest US state. Alaska is a state with beautiful nature and interesting native people. There are a lot of wild animals. The highest peak of North America, Denali, lies in Alaska, too. The capital city is Juneau. You can fly or sail there, but you can’t drive; there aren’t any roads that lead to Juneau.



On March 25, 1957 six countries, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg signed the Treaty of Rome. This signalled the start of the European Economic Community / the EEC, the ‘common market‘. In 55 yeras, the European Union has expanded from six countries to 27, invented the Euro and changed many aspects of our lives. In 2013 another country joined the EU – do you know which one? J



In March 2000, the famous London Eye was opened to the public. Europe’s tallest Ferris wheel, the London Eye is the most visited paid for attraction in London. Its 32 capsules represent London’s 32 boroughs. It offers beautiful views of the city. The ride takes 30 minutes. The London Eye is beautifully lit on important occasions and offers fantastic fireworks to celebrate the New Year. There’s a special capsule to celebrate birthdays. There was a special ride to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the famous Friends series.