It’s March, the Reading Month. Honestly, do you read books? Do you think your parent’s generation reads more than you?

Lots of experts are worried about people not reading enough today, so they promote reading in many funny ways. McDonald’s is replacing the toys in Happy Meals with books in March in countries like the USA and New Zealand. Cities around the world have book benches to attract readers. They’re book-shaped benches illustrated by artists. Why don’t you design your own book bench as a class project?

Answer the Questions

  • What is March called?
  • What does McDonald’s do in some countries to attract people to books?
  • What is a book bench?


‘I love romantic stories and books for girls. I think romance is something that can make our lives more enjoyable. I always dream about what I read. I often wish I was in the story myself! There are other girls in my class who read these books so we often share them and then talk about them. It’s great!’

‘I love adventure stories. They are the best! I don’t like books where there is no action or mystery. At the moment I’m reading a book about a group of teenage detectives trying to catch some bad guys. “It’s time for you to go to bed, David,” Mum always says and it makes me angry because I would read all night long if I could!’

‘My favourite book is a space encyclopedia. I like reading about the real world, not some silly made-up stories. I have a big book about dinosaurs and another one about famous inventions. Mum and Dad always buy me something interesting for my birthday or Christmas. I go to the library too. I always look forward to sitting in my favourite armchair, sipping hot chocolate and reading something new!’

‘Oops, wrong question, I’m afraid! The truth is I don’t read. Of course I can read, but I don’t enjoy reading. Books are long and boring. Watching films is much better! I can just sit and enjoy the story and in an hour or two it’s over. That’s all I need. However, our teacher doesn’t think so and gives us a lot to read. I just don’t like it!’

Are the following statements true or false?

  1. Maria often borrows books from her friends. T/F
  2. David’s Mum doesn’t want him to read in bed. T/F
  3. Brian doesn’t like fiction. T/F
  4. Martina thinks it takes more time to read a book than to see a film. T/F


Number the following genres according to your preferences.