Mother’s Day

second Sunday in May

Today is the day we celebrate our mothers and what they do for us. It is a family holiday. Most people give flowers or sweets to their mothers and kids often prepare handmade gifts.

How about you? Do you celebrate Mother’s Day?



What should a mother be like? Circle the qualities each mother should have.

shy, friendly, kind, angry, nervous, patient, helpful, crazy, funny, loving, mean


The International Day of Families

May 15th

BEFORE YOU START, think about your family. Which family members1 live in your home? Are they important to you? Why/why not? Do you spend2 much time together?

In the past, grandparents lived in the same house as their children and grandchildren. They usually lived in the same place all their life. They often didn’t meet other relatives3 who lived in other towns/cities. It’s different today. Travelling, telephone and the Internet helps us to be in touch4 every day. Family life is very important. The family is the place where children learn basic5 things – to speak, to walk, to behave themselves6. We all need a family. On May 15 we celebrate families and show how important they are. There are lots of activities. Have you been to any? Do you celebrate the Day of Families?

ACTIVITY: Make your family tree. Talk/write about your family members.

DISCUSSION: How do you spend time together? What do/don’t you like about it? Why?

Jana Chrtianska