May is the fifth month. It’s named after Maia, the Roman goddess of fertility. May brings a lot of flowers.

May Day

1 May

May Day is one of the loveliest holidays that exist. It has been celebrated for centuries in Britain and later in America. The day is full of flowers, dancing and songs and celebrates the coming of summer. In the past, people went out into the country in the morning to collect greenery and flowers. Girls then made May baskets full of flowers and left them on the steps of their friends’ houses or hung them on the door. Tall maypoles were built and decorated with flowers and ribbons, and dancers danced around them. One of the girls was then crowned the May Queen. The traditional dance for this day was Morris dancing. This holiday is still celebrated in many schools and towns.



Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be With You

4 May

If you are a Star Wars fan and you read the title, you surely know why 4 May is the official Star Wars holiday. The Star Wars catchphrase ‘May the Force be with you’ sounds very similar so it’s easy to see why fans chose this day to celebrate. Are you one? It’s up to you if you will have a Star Wars themed party or have a Star Wars film marathon. Just celebrate!



Cinco de Mayo

5 May

The USA is home to millions of Mexican people. They live mostly in California and Texas. Cinco de Mayo is 5 May in Spanish. It is the day when Americans celebrate Mexican culture and history. The streets are full Mexican music and dances and people wear colourful costumes. Mexican food such as tacos are very popular. The biggest celebration takes place in Los Angeles, California.



No Homework Day

6 May

What is it that you don’t like about school? Is it homework? Well, there’s a day in May when all homework is banned. On 6 May you definitely should not get any homework. Please, tell your teachers to join. Reading our articles  is the only exception, of course. 🙂