Most of you will know Roald Dahl’s books. Roald Dahl is one of the most popular writers in the world. His birthday, 13th September, is celebrated as Roald Dahl Day all over the world.

What do you know about Roald Dahl? Choose the correct answer.
1. He wrote ……………………… books for children.
a, 20  b, 21 c, 22
2. His parents were Norwegian1 but he was born in Wales.
a, True b, False
3. One of his famous books is called Charlie and the ……………………… Factory2.
a, Icecream  b, Cake  c, Chocolate
4. In another book, James travels in a giant3 ………………………
a, peach4 b, apple c, banana

One of Dahl´s most popular books is the BFG – Big Friendly Giant. Read the text and do the activity.

Sophie is a little girl who has no parents. One night she cannot sleep. She sees a giant in the street. He takes Sophie to the Giant Country. He tells her he is the only good giant, the Big Friendly Giant (BFG). He collects good dreams and brings them to children. He also destroys nightmares5. Other giants are very bad. They are much bigger and like eating people. The BFG eats snozzcumbers – a vegetable that is not very tasty6. Sophie and the BFG soon become friends. They want to stop bad giants from eating people.

Now, you finish this story. Put the capital letters of paragraphs in the correct order.
A. The BFG shows her the bad giants in a nightmare.
B. The BFG gets a big castle and Sophie a cottage to live happily in England.
C. They want the Queen of England to capture7 bad giants.
D. The Army ties bad giants up8 and brings them to London.
E. Army helicopters fly to the Giant Country.
F. The bad giants are put into a safe place and get only snozzcumbers to eat.
G. The Queen prepares a plan.

1 …. 2 …. 3 …. 4 …. 5 …. 6 …. 7 …. 8 ….

Adapted by Jana Chrtianska

1[norwi:dž∂n] – Nóri/ Norové; 2[fækt∂ri] – továreň/ továrna; 3[džai∂nt] – obor/ obr, obrovský; 4[pi:č] – broskyňa/ broskev; 5[naitme∂s] – nočné mory/ noční můry, zlé sny; 6[teisti] – chutná; 7[kæpč∂] – zajať/ zajmout, 8[tais ap] – zviaže/ sváže

Correct answers:
I. 1b, 2a, 3c, 4a
II. 1C, 2A, 3G, 4E, 5D, 6F, 7B