Saint Patrick’s Day, a national holiday in Ireland, is commemorated on 17th March, the anniversary of Saint Patrick’s death.

Saint Patrick was born to Scottish parents in Wales. At the age of 16 he was kidnapped and had to work as a slave. After six years he escaped to France and spent a few years in a monastery there. On his return to Britain he became a priest and taught the gospel to the Irish people. He established churches in the north of Ireland.

On 17th March Everyone Is Irish!

Saint Patrick’s Day Symbols
The cross is a Christian symbol. The sun was a Celtic symbol in Saint Patrick’s time. Saint Patrick combined them to make the Celtic Cross.

A leprechaun is an Irish fairy. He’s a grumpy old man, about 60cm tall. Leprechauns like being alone and making shoes. They have hidden a pot of gold. When you catch a leprechaun, keep your eye on him at all times. If you look away, he will take away all your old.

Green is the colour of Ireland. There is so much rain that the entire country is green. Everybody wears green on St Patrick’s Day. It’s supposed to bring good luck.

Legend says that if you kiss the famous Blarney Stone, you will always speak very sweetly. However, it’s difficult to kiss the stone. Kissers must lie on their backs and bend backwards and downwards.

Legend also has it that St Patrick explained the three person Holy Trinity with the Shamrock. People believe that it too brings good luck.

The harp is a traditional Irish musical instrument. Harp players were real celebrities in the old days. The harp symbol is often used on Irish money, uniforms, and official documents, and is the symbol of a famous Irish beer!