Get ready for the International Children’s Day

1 June

Are you ready to celebrate your holiday? What do you usually do and eat? Here’s a tip for you. Prepare your own owl sandwiches for your party. You’ll need bread, butter, and ham for the owl’s body, cheese or cucumber slices for the wings, and a sliced carrot for the beak. Hard-boiled eggs, olives, or blueberries will make great owl’s eyes. Any other tips what other food you could use?


Flag Day

14 June

Flag Day is celebrated in the USA. It honours the U.S. flag. The flag is called the ‚Stars and Stripes‘ and it’s clear why. There are 50 stars representing 50 U.S. states and 13 stripes representing the 13 original colonies. On Flag Day, many Americans fly the U.S. flag outside their homes. Some cities hold Flag Day parades.


Midsummer’s Night

24 June

All across Europe, people used to celebrate the middle of summer. It was (and still is) celebrated on St. John’s Day or the evening before. People had bonfires to celebrate the Sun. People believed that it was the day of witches, fairies, and dancing, and that herbs picked on this night were more powerful. Girls picked flowers to see their future husband. Are there bonfires in your town on this day?


Jana Chrtianska