March 28th

Different nations celebrate their teachers on different days of the year. In our countries, we honour our teachers’ work on the day when John Amos Comenius was born. What do you do on this day? Do you bring flowers or sweets to your teachers?

Read about how different nations honour their teachers. In Afghanistan, there are no classes on Teachers’ Day. Students and teachers celebrate with traditional food, music and presents. In India, senior students teach juniors. Students and teachers in Thailand have a day off. In Iran, a teacher has a sacred profession. Students bring flowers to teachers. The Queen of Spain gives a reception for teachers and a special classic music concert. In Estonia, there are concerts, theatre performances, and balls. So don’t forget to celebrate your teachers!



Would you like to have a celebrity teacher? Why/ why not?

There are many famous people who used to work as teachers. The Hollywood star Angelina Jolie taught at a university in London. Sylvester Stallone and Hugh Jackman were gym teachers. Steve Wozniak of Apple Inc. was an elementary school teacher. The famous singer Sting, and writer J.K. Rowling both worked as English teachers. The singer Sheryl Crow taught music. Guitarist Brian May from the band Queen used to teach maths. The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, taught law. Which celebrity would you like to be your teacher?


Answer the questions

1) Is Teachers’ Day celebrated on the same date in all countries?
2) Why is it celebrated on March 28th in our country?

3) Which nation do you think honours their teachers best?

4) Which famous people used to work as teachers? What did they teach?