The Titanic was a famous ship that sank1 on its first voyage2 on April 15, 1912. Much has been written and many films have been made about this great tragedy. Let’s learn more about the children and their life onboard3 the Titanic.

The Titanic was a large and elegant ship. It was very pleasant4 to travel on the Titanic. People had a lot of free time. They walked, played cards, listened to music and talked. There were nearly 200 kids onboard. 117 of them died. There were very rich and very poor kids from different countries. Some were just spending their holidays in luxury5. Others were travelling to their new homes. Kids played most of the time. Some toys were discovered in the wreck6.

First class was like a palace. It was full of luxury. The richest people travelled there. There was a dining salon, restaurants, library, hospital, lift, shop, smoking rooms… Kids could go to the playroom or gym7 every day. There were bicycles, and mechanical horses… The food was lovely and life was very easy. You could get anything you wanted, even ostrich feathers8, hats, or clocks. There was even a marmalade making machine!

Second class wasn’t as luxurious9 but it was very pleasant. There were elegant rooms and a lot of places to play. Here lived the youngest married woman on board – Adele (14).

Third class was much poorer than the other parts of the ship. Poor families travelled here.


  • The largest family: the Sages (9 kids)
  • The youngest passenger: Millvina Dean (3 months). She died on 31 May 2009.
  • The famous heroine10 Ruth Becker (12) helped other people when she was in danger, too.


People are still fascinated by the story of the Titanic. To celebrate the 100th anniversary, many companies organized the Titanic Memorial Cruises. Ships set sail on the same day, had the same number of passengers and followed the same route8 as the Titanic 100 years ago. Passengers could wear 1912 clothes and listen to the 1912 music. They ate the same menu as the people on the Titanic.


Jana Chrtianska

VOCABULARY: 1[sæŋk] – sa potopila, 2[vojidž] – plavba, 3[on bo:d] – na palube, 4[pleznt] – príjemný, 5[lakšri] – luxus, luxusný, 6[rek] – vrak, 7[ostrič feð:s] – pštrosie perá, 8[he’ruin] – hrdinka