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Top 3 City Parks of the World

It’s autumn and it’s a great time to go for a walk. Let’s visit three famous city parks.

Central Park, New Yorkcentral-park-new-york
Central Park is the green heart of New York. The park is a very popular place and you can see it in hundreds of films, video clips, and TV shows. There are lakes for fishing and boating and lawns to have picnics; there are places to play games and do sports. There’s a castle, too. Cleopatra’s Needle is about 3,500 years old and is from Egypt. Children love the statue of Alice in Wonderland and the Central Park Zoo. People love to jog or sit on the grass. The Great Lawn is the most famous lawn in the world. There are many concerts and shows in the park – from Shakespeare and opera to rock, pop, and metal.
Jess 5/5 It was great! We took our bikes and rode around the park. We had a picnic on the lawn and heard some jazz music. We even saw one or two film stars.
Oliver 2/5 It wasn’t great at all. Our guide spoke very fast and he was sooo boring! It also rained, but it must be beautiful on a sunny day. Do NOT take a guide, just walk and enjoy the park.

Hyde Park, London
Hyde Park is the oldest and most famous of London’s eight parks. Londoners love to come here and relax or do sports – walk, jog, ride a horse or a bike. There are many shows and concerts. The Serpentine is a lake where people can boat. The park’s flower gardens are beautiful. The Rotten Row is a famous horse riding area. The most famous place is Speakers‘ Corner, a popular meeting place. Anybody can come and speak freely about anything. Many people talk politics here.
Melanie 5/5 Hyde Park is my favourite place in London. It has everything – history, nature, sports, and shows. There are gardens and palaces, too.
Daniel 3/5 It was nice, but I like other places better. I like busy streets more than nature.


Park Güell, Barcelonabarcelona
The best word for Park Güell is ‘Wow!’. It was planned by the famous architect Antonio Gaudi. When you come to the park, you meet a friendly dragon. Kids (and many adults) love it. The park is full of colours and cool buildings. It looks like a park in a fairy tale. The park is on the hill so you can see the whole city. There are trees and palms.
Gaudi’s original idea was to build an area where people will live. There are houses, a market hall, museum. Would you like to live here? A hundred years ago nobody wanted it so it is a city park now. Can you believe it?
Antonio 5/5 It’s a must see in Barcelona. The colours are great. Gaudi was a genius. I’ll come back again.
Igor 3/5 It is very cool but I forgot to book my tickets. So I saw some parts of the park which are free but couldn’t go to other parts. I’ll come back again.