May is the time of well dressing in some parts of England. Wells in towns and gardens are decorated with special spring pictures. They are mosaics made of flowers, grass, leaves, and other natural materials. Each well is then blessed in a short ceremony. It’s difficult to create such a picture and it takes a long time. The picture lasts for only a few days.




One of the craziest races takes place in May. Welcome to Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake. Tens of people race down the hill to catch a big round cheese. The cheese rolls down the hill and can reach up to 110 kilometres per hour. The race looks funny but it can get dangerous. There have been many injuries. Would you rather chase the cheese or eat it?




Welcome to the Chelsea Flower Show, one of the best flower shows and competitions in the world. Thousands of visitors come to see the beautiful flowers and gardens on display. The Royal Family and the Queen are big fans of the show, and enjoy the sea of colours. There are millions of flowers everywhere. People wear flowers on their clothes and on their hats. It is called “The World Cup of Gardening”.