Everybody likes travelling. It is very interesting to see new places, new people, eat new food and see different countries. Somebody likes travelling to cold countries, like Sweden, Norway or Finland. Some people like travelling to hot countries like Spain, Italy or Africa. It is even possible to travel to space. But it is very expensive and not everybody can travel there. People have travelled into space for more than 50 times. 20.7. 1969 was first human on the Moon. The first space tourist travelled to the International Space station in 2001.
Some people would like to travel in time. But is it really possible? Nobody knows.
If you travel by ship on the sea, it is called voyage. If you travel by plane it is called flight.
We can travel by car, by train, by bike or we can walk.

      Here is a word search where you can find some words, which are connected with your summer holidays. First, use your dictionary and write the translation of these words. Then look for these words in the word search.


Look at the following picture and answer the questions. Colour the picture.

  1. How many ice creams are in the picture?________________________
  2. How many boys are in the picture?_____________________________
  3. How many boys are in the picture?_____________________________
  4. How many butterflies are in the picture?_____________________________
  5. How many fish are in the picture?___________________________________
  6. How many pineapples are in the picture?_____________________________

Fill the following questionnaire about you. Then ask your classmates about travelling and write the information in the columns.

Do you like travelling in summer or winter?      
Which summer sport do you like?      
Which winter sport do you like?      
What summer clothes can you name?      
What winter clothes can you name?      
What do you like travelling by?      
Who do you like travelling with?