In the USA we can see many natural wonders. But did you know that this country is the home to tree record breakers? I am speaking about three different trees that are very special. Let’s learn some more about them.

General Sherman is the name of the largest tree in the world. It is a Giant Sequoia and grows in Sequoia National Park, California. This giant tree is about 2,200 years old and is the largest living organism as well. In 2002 it measured 1,487 cubic meters. The tree was named after General W.T. Sherman who fought in the American Civil War. The tree is 83.8 meters high and its maximum diameter is over 11 meters. If we wanted to hug it we would need 31-meter-long arms.

The tallest trees in the world grow in California, too. They are called Redwoods and are another kind of sequoia. These trees are very old, too – over 2,000 years. The tallest is 115.5 meters high and is called Hyperion. It was discovered in 2006 in Redwood National Park. Experts say that redwoods can be up to 130 meters high. Their wood is valuable. It doesn’t burn well so houses are made from it. Bad luck for redwoods because it’s good business and the trees can’t grow fast enough.


2,000 years is a lot but the oldest living tree is even older. It is called Methuselah and this year it is over 4,850 years old. Wow! The Bristlecone Pines grow in Great Basin, a very dry and rocky area in parts of Nevada, California and Utah. They often look dead but it is because of harsh weather and lightning. There was an even older tree (4,862 years) but it was cut down in 1964 by mistake. L These pines grow very very slowly and are experts on how to survive in this harsh area.



Look at the pictures and compare the trees. Use these expressions: taller than, shorter than, larger, the smallest etc.


Jana Chrtianska