Hey guys, it’s me again! In this article, I’m going to talk about leaving home, that is moving out, etc. When would you like to leave your home?

Ah, that’s a hard one. I want to travel a lot, so I wouldn’t be living here. I have a lot of things planned out: leaving for Japan for a study program and then going to work in the United States, or maybe living in Japan. Who knows? I’m sure that I don’t want to live in Slovakia. The age when I want to leave my home is getting younger and younger, because I soon want to create my own home. It’s a very nice feeling to open a door and have a familiar smell wash over you, a smell which you cannot describe and call it with only one word: home.

But enough of my life! We’re here t talk about when to leave the nest and start living on your own. Every kid in the world has said at least once in a blind rage2 that he’s going to move out and live alone, so he won’t have to clean up any more! But are you ready to lead3 a household? Not only dusting a household chores4 are important. You need to furnish a house, buy all the necessities and lastly, pay the bills. Or are you even brave enough to live alone when the night falls? No, I’m not talking about all the scary things that jump out of your closet, but robbers are a real danger. You never know when they could come, never know how many of them there would be and never know what they might have with them. There is another opportunity when to live alone. It’s the type when you want to go somewhere for something very important to you and you don’t feel the need for your parents to accompany you, like studying in another town or country. Why should your family have to move too? There’s no need for it, so when you feel like that school is the one and only one for you, just go and live in a dorm5 or make a deal with your friend and rent a fl at. Yes, if you want to study in another country, it would probably be better to live with a family, where you can pick up the local traditions, but I would still go live in a dorm. I am not exactly the trusting type, and if you don’t click with6 the family, you’re just stuck with them. Living in a dorm is much easier, because you don’t have to be friendly with everyone. You should be on friendly terms with your roommate though, if you don’t want to wake up with a snake in your bed. Some people, or let’s call them teens, run away from home. That is technically a type of “leaving your home.” They mostly do it because their family was abusing them and they didn’t feel safe there anymore, so running away felt like the only option for them to survive. Some run away for the rush they will get when they realize that they are “free”. Either way, the escape or the fun is not well-thought out, because they normally take just enough money to get them a ticket out of their hometown. But they do not think of where they will sleep, eat or drink. Some may steal their parents’ money, but that is just plain idiotic. This whole thing of running away from home is pointless and very hurtful. There are a lot of people who survived their teens without doing any of that crap, and they survived just fine. But, hey, give it a try. Try to go study and live in a dorm or something else. If it’s that bad, you can just go back and live with your parents until you feel ready. Some people feel that they are ready sooner, some later. No rush, no fuss. I’ll catch up with all of you next month. Until then, stay strong. Rise and rise again, until the lambs become lions!


1hniezdo – hnízdo; 2/reidž/ zúrivosť – zuřivost; 3viesť – vést; 4domáce práce – domácí práce; 5internát; 6padnúť si do oka – padnout si do oka